What the Helpline Says About Coaching

During yesterday's Training and Support Call with the Boston Coaches, a Coach asked ... "What does the Helpline say about Coaching?" when the coaching service is offered.


Heather and Karla and Elisa drafted the following statement that reflects how they explain Coaching to parents seeking support:


"The Partnership for Drug-Free Kids offers a grant funded peer-to-peer Parent Coaching service for parents of children affected by substance abuse. All coaches are volunteers who have been personally affected by a family member’s substance abuse, and have received specialized training to help other families. Parent coaching happens by phone. Typically, coaches and parents seeking support talk once a week over the course of five to six weeks. Coaching is not psychotherapy. Coaches are fellow parents who have “been there” and want to make others’ lives a little easier."


The Helpline staff are using their own words -- not reading a script -- so the exact words may vary, but this provides a sense of what the Callers are told on their Helpline call.  The key points above are repeated in the Coaching Agreement that Callers complete when they opt in to be coached.

We welcome additional questions, and your comments below!

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    Wendy M (Saturday, 07 March 2015 10:08)

    Hi Heather,
    Thanks for this. I'm wondering are they specifically told that our main role is not only to support them but also to help coach them to help them better understand CRAFT techniques to use with their loved ones? My specific caller kind of just thought it was a shoot the breeze type of call so she could vent and know someone understands, which I was more than happy to do. When I talked specifically about the CRAFT and 20 min guide techniques she was a little surprised but also completely receptive and excited to practice it.
    Thanks so much!