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I just posted two new cases -- one Pacific (which Kim Obert right away -- thanks, Kim!), and one Eastern time zone.  There is an Eastern time zone case available from yesterday and another from Monday.

They can be all found at http://www.parentcoachescorner.org/assignments/helpline-assignments/.  You can claim a case by commenting on it.  

Reminders ... 
The password for Parent Coaches' Corner is 352parkave
The password for the PDF documents is drugfr33

Here is the important part ...

When parents opt in to coaching, we let them know that it will take 3-5 business days to be assigned a coach.  For the Monday case (http://www.parentcoachescorner.org/2015/06/22/helpline-case-assignment-6-22-15-2/), we are nearing the end of that time.
I have been going through the information we gather and here is what I am seeing: 

  • 10 coaches have two cases
  • 30 coaches have one case
  • 14 coaches are unavailable due to vacation, work, or family conflicts that they have reported
  • 18 coaches do not have a case and have not reported that they are unavailable

A few of you the last group have sent me emails saying that this is a busy time at work or with family, which is fine (though the Time Away report helps me keep all of that information in one place).
The reason for this email is not to induce guilt or bad feelings among anyone.  What we really want to know is – Is there something holding you back from taking a case?  Is it the specific cases that have been posted; or are you anxious about taking a case; or is there something unclear about the process?  Or something else?
We recognize – more than you can know – that you are volunteers who have given generously of your time, by attending your training and participating in Training and Support Calls, and all of the other things that you do. 
What we do need to have a sense of is how many families we can help. If every available coach took two cases we would have the capacity to handle 64 more cases.  However, right now, we seem stuck.  That is a concern as we expect to be taking on cases through the “Hilton” process in the coming months.
I may be able to address a few concerns:

  • Taking a tough case:  If you are a new coach and a case seems challenging, I would encourage you to give it a try.  This is the time when you will have the most support from our great clinicians, coach mentors, and staff.  They will be able to help you help this family.
  • Time Zones We’ve found that taking a case more two or more time zones away can be challenging when it comes to scheduling.  However, you can take a case that is in an adjacent time zone.  So, for example, Central time zone coaches can take Eastern time zone cases.
  • How much time coaching takes:  Most coaching calls take an hour or less.  All of the paperwork, preparation, and outreach may take another hour.  (More experienced coaches can correct me on this if I am off on times.)

Again, we are thankful for everything all of you have done and are doing.  More importantly, the families you help are thankful.  We simply need to make the process work so that we can effectively help as many families as possible.
So – Please let us know if you are facing any obstacles to coaching that we can help you overcome, and, if you think that you can take a case (or another case), please look at those listed at http://www.parentcoachescorner.org/assignments/helpline-assignments/
Thank you!

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