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Sandy B asks:


Hi everyone,


Once again I am looking for a rehab for a friend who has an adult son who is an alcoholic. He is looking for places that are LONG TERM and not too expensive. Somewhere where his son could live for one to two years. Anyone know of a place in the Western half of the USA?


I have suggested the Odyssey House in Salt Lake City, but I think there is one in the Seattle area as well? Anyone?



Please post below & you can also answer Sandy at emtmom01@yahoo.com

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    Patty S (Saturday, 27 June 2015 05:10)

    Would they consider the south? How old is he? Is he motivated? Are there any financial resources? I know of a wonderful place but it is not low cost however compared to many programs in other parts of the country it may be viable. It is a 6 month to a year program and very comprehensive. Best place I know. Called The Reprieve in Opelika AL

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    Jerry W. (Thursday, 16 July 2015 00:05)

    Hi Sandy B.,

    Is he looking for Faith based? "Cross Central" is a free program in Bryan, Texas. It is a year long commitment. Here is the website: http://www.crosscentral.org/recovery-center/ .

    Also, There is Cenikor, outside of Houston, or Dallas (multiple locations). It is an 18 month program. The way I believe it works - one program cost is the $350 assessment fee. It is a TC, a client will complete phases, the first being orientation, treatment, and then work - where they garnish wages to "pay" for treatment. Website: www.cenikor.org

    I do not believe either program will admit a person who is on psych medication.

    As with all programs, research, research, research what they are about.

    Hope this helps,

    Jerry W.