What Callers are Saying

As many of you know, staff from the Center from Motivation and Change conduct a follow-up survey with Callers after Coaching has been completed.  After the end of the formal survey, the surveyor asks the Caller if there is anything else they would like to share.  The following are some of the responses they've received over the last few months:


·         Coach was wonderful; challenging and supportive.

·         Everything was helpful, including the Beyond Addiction book; getting these resources has helped a lot; should be out there more; wishes she would have found this information years ago; calming, made her feel like she was not alone.

·         Coach was a perfect match for parent! Super helpful; usually people have to wait a long time before that "perfect fit" - she was perfect. Helped a lot regarding a plan for longer term as well.

·         Coach was so great ... all of this [child's drug use] was so unexpected; Coach allowed her personal experiences to guide us and helped us tackle certain issues. Many positives came from this, too ... I am in counseling now, for example. This is all a series of small steps.. it's hard, and there is still so much, but the small steps are so important."

·         Wonderful; [you] learn skills that you might not learn elsewhere

·         Coach was amazing; helped me get through difficult weeks

·         Found Coach to be very helpful - so great to talk to him. Parent felt much better after talking to him. Coach seemed like he understood her situation

·         Parent coach was wonderful, very consistent and positive.

·         She said that she wished she had found the PSN earlier; wishes there were more resources and more time with the parent coaches; said that once she found the PSN it was so great and helpful

·         Great support to be able to be heard; feelings validated; problem-solve; very helpful to have someone who gets it and further down the road; feeling safe; affirming.


With all of the process steps and the e-mails sometimes the very real, human emotions of the work that you are doing can get lost.  I hope that the words above are a reminder to all of you of the impact that you are having on the lives of families.

We at the Partnership are so thankful to all of you for all that you do.

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    Susan Knade (Thursday, 06 August 2015 03:57)

    It is great to read all of this positive feedback! I feel like I am the one that is fortunate to be able to provide this kind of support for another parent! It is really a win- win situation! Thank you for the training and for letting me have this experience!

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    Nancy Grogan (Friday, 07 August 2015 03:53)

    I agree with you Susan. It is a win-win for me too. It helps me to help other mothers who are going what I went through. I think the PSN and CRAFT would have been very helpful to me had I known about it when I was in the throes of my son's struggles.

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    Cathy Taughinbaugh (Friday, 07 August 2015 19:01)

    It is always great to read positive feedback. I agree with the two previous comments that this has been a win-win experience. The helpline and parent coaching program is an invaluable resource for parents. Each of the coaches bring their own unique take from their experiences and that is part of what makes it such a rich experience. I too wish I had had this information when my child was struggling.

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    Lorraine Miller (Thursday, 20 August 2015 03:25)

    Can we get the negative feedback?? That would help me to improve how I am interacting on that calls.

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    Kevin (Thursday, 20 August 2015 23:19)

    Hi Lorraine -- Sorry for the delay in my response!

    Really, there has not been negative feedback about the Coaching or coaches. There has been criticism of the process (e.g, too many surveys, people want more than 5 calls) but I have not seen any specific critiques of any of you as coaches.

    I will keep my eyes open and if we see any constructive recommendations we will share them. We're also always looking for better ways to elicit feedback, so I will share your question with Ken & Co. at CMC who have been gathering responses for us.