During Your Coaching Case(s)

On your call(s), you could:

1. Introduce a topic in the 20 Minute Guide. 

  • If you're not sure which topic to use, you can use the Topic Tool to help you decide!
  • Don't have your 20 Minute Guide in front of you? Here are the 20 Minute Guide Synopses.
  • Can't remember what OARS skills are? Here is your "cheat sheet"/pocket map for coaching:
Pocket Reference.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 119.8 KB

2. Listen intently and let your client talk. 

Sometimes, all your caller is going to want to do is talk at you. That is OK. You may be the first peer who has just listened to them without offering "advice". Remember, it's not your job to fix their situation. Simply listening to them without offering anything can go a really long way. You may also be the first person they haven't felt judged by. By you being there, as someone with lived experience, you are validating them. Remember that 70%. 

After each call, please...

1. Add your notes to to the platform and use the checklist to assess how this call went and schedule your next call.

If needing additional support, please email: platform[at]centeronaddiction.org.

2. As you get to call 3 and 4, you may want to remind your client that coaching ends after 5 weeks. Remember that this process can be difficult. Here are some helpful tips:

Tips for Winding Down
Advice from CMC:FFC on how to wind down a coaching relationship.
Tips for Winding Down KC-CB-JF.docx
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