How to Manage Your Cases

Accessing Our Platform

Our platform works best with Google Chrome. Click here to download Chrome as your web browser. Click here to download the Chrome app for iPhone/iPad or click here to download the Chrome app for Android.


From your computer or tablet*, open our platform for case management:

*We recommend you access our platform from your computer/laptop or iPad/tablet. The screen will be very small on and it will be difficult to send a message to your caller on your mobile phone. For now, we suggest you do not use your phone to access. 

Video Tutorial

Click here to watch a video tutorial of how to use the platform to manage, track, and close cases.

>>Fast forward to 10:26 which is where the video starts.

Step by Step Instructions

Step 1a: Open the platform (see "Accessing Our Platform" above)

Step 1b: Login

Step 2: Two-factor authentication 

Step 3: What Does Each Tab Mean?

Step 4: Adjusting Your Settings (only need to do this the first time you login OR if you want to make changes)

Don't forget to save!

Don't forget to save!

Don't forget to save!

Step 5: Accessing Your Cases

If you do have a case...

What are the "Action" buttons?

Step 6: Read Notes About Your Caller's Situation

Step 7: Message Your Caller

A note on Snippets...






This is what your caller will see once you send a message
(it shows up as a text message for them):

Step 6: Look for their Reply

You'll get a notification to your email or via text that tells you your parent has replied:

 You will also see that they have replied in the platform:

Step 7: Schedule Your Call

Step 8: Make a Call

When you hang up...

Step 9: Repeat Step 8 for Each Call

Step 10: Ending a Coaching Case

If you haven't already, please send a final message to your caller (Snippets has language you can pull from)...

A reminder to please end coaching when:

  1. Your caller has not responded to you since you initially reached out
  2. You lost contact (maybe you had 2 calls and then they never got back in touch with you)
  3. You completed all 5 (sometimes 6) calls

If you run into any tech issues, please be sure: 

  1. You are using Google Chrome -- click here to download Chrome
  2. You have cleared your cache (pronounced like "cash") -- instructions below
  3. Your WiFi connection is strong -- you can test it by going to and clicking GO. You'll see an odometer start to calculate your speed. When the test is done, you'll see 3 numbers: the second number (Download) needs to be at least 10 Mbps and the third number (Upload) needs to be at least 5 Mbps in order to access the platform. If your connection is slow, please sit next to your router. 

9 out of 10 times the tech issues lie within one of these areas. If you have done all 3 and are still experiencing issues, please email Madison.

Clear Your Cache:

When the next window pops up, make sure you:

1. Make the time range = All time

2. Only check "Cached images and files"