Tools: How to Use the Platform to Manage Your Case(s)

Step by Step Instructions

Click here to watch a video tutorial instead.

>>Fast forward to 10:26 which is where the video starts.

Step 1a: Open the platform

Our platform works best on a laptop or desktop computer. If you are using a computer, please use Google Chrome for your web browser. Click here to download Google Chrome.


If you do not have access to a computer, please use a tablet/iPad.


From a computer or tablet*, open the platform:

*Do not use your smartphone to access the platform. 


Step 1b: Login

Step 2: Two-factor authentication (only required each time you use a new device)

What Does Each Tab Mean?

What is that green wifi logo at the top of the page?


This feature allows you to check your wifi speed real-time. You need good wifi connection to access the platform:

Step 3: Adjusting Your Settings (need to do this the first time you login, if you want to change your preferences, or you if you need to change your coaching availability)

Don't forget to save!

Don't forget to save!

Don't forget to save!

Step 4: Accessing Your Cases

If you do have a case...

What are the "Action" buttons?

Step 5: Read Notes About Your Caller's Situation

Please note, if after reading the notes about your caller's situation, you feel the case is too close to home, too far from home, or you are wary of accepting this case for any reason, you always have the option to “skip” a case -- just email Madison. That said, you have all been trained to handle every single one of these cases so be confident in your ability to take any case that comes your way!

Step 6: Message Your Caller

Using Snippets...






This is what your caller will see once you send a message
(it shows up as a text message for them):

Step 7: Look for their Reply

** if you are not hearing from your parent after 1-2 days from your first message, send another message. If after 2 additional days you have not heard, send a third message. If after a week from your first message, you still have not heard back from your parent, please close out the case (SKIP TO STEP 11 BELOW). 

You'll get a notification to your email or via text that tells you your parent has replied. You have to login to the platform to reply.

 You will also see that they have replied in the platform:

Step 8: Schedule Your Call ** this is a very important step for everyone

Before you have your first call, you need to fill out this assessment and select the first answer choice for question # 1.

Then, you need to enter the date and time of your first coaching call.

After you X out of the assessment and go back to the main coaching tab...

Step 9: Make a Call

The first time you click the phone icon, you might get a notification that asks you if you want to allow the system to use your microphone -- please say YES or ALLOW. Otherwise your caller won't be able to hear you.

When you hang up...

After your first call (and after every call you have with your parent), you need to fill out this assessment and select the third answer choice for question # 1

Answer the rest of the questions in the assessment accordingly. There is a question that asks for you to enter notes from your call as well. When you are done, click Submit, and wait to X out until you see this message:

When you X out of the assessment, go back to the call center tab of the platform:

Step 10: Add Notes from Your Call

If you didn't do this immediately after your phone call (from within the Call Center tab), you can enter you notes in another way too:

Fill this checklist out accordingly. There is a question that allows you to type all of your notes from the call. 

Step 11: Repeat Step 9 & 10 for Each Call

Step 12: Ending a Coaching Case

***Before closing your case, please send a final message to your caller (Snippets has language you can pull from).

A reminder to please end coaching when:

  1. Your caller has not responded to you since you initially reached out
  2. You lost contact (maybe you had 2 calls and then they never got back in touch with you)
  3. You completed all 5 (sometimes 6) calls

Tech issues?

Please be sure: 

  1. If you are using a computer, you are using Google Chrome -- click here to download Chrome.
  2. If you are using an iPad, you are using Safari.
  3. If you are using another tablet, you are using Google Chrome.
  4. Your WiFi connection is strong. At the top left corner of the platform, you’ll see a green wifi logo. Click that logo and your wifi speed will be calculated. The Upload speed needs to be at least 5 Mbps and the Download speed needs to be at least 10 Mbps in order to access the platform. If your connection is slow, please sit next to your router and rerun the test. 
  5. At login, if you get a that says invalid username/pw, please refresh your page (the little circle/arrow button at the top left side of your screen) before you try logging in again. 
    • Now, try again. The system won’t work if you try to re-enter your username/PW without refreshing the page.
    • The default PW is Drugfr33! (capital D; exclamation point at the end)
    • Please make sure you click the check box where it says I am not a robot and wait for the green check mark to appear BEFORE you click log in.

9 out of 10 times the tech issues lie within one of these areas. If you have confirmed all of the above and have followed the screenshot instructions above, and are still experiencing issues, please email Madison.